About Anderson-livsey elementary school


Anderson-Livsey Elementary School is a community of diverse scholars striving to be team players who are accountable and respectful. 


The mission of Anderson-Livsey Elementary School is to provide an enriching and challenging learning environment that positively impacts and supports the optimal academic and social growth of all students leading them to become responsible, contributing citizens with a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime. 


We believe that our purpose is to provide an enriching learning environment for all students. 

We believe in supporting one another to ensure that a high level of academic rigor is maintained. 

We believe in supporting the growth and development of the whole child. 

We believe that a cooperative partnership among the student, family, school, and community is essential for student growth and development. 

We believe that a positive learning environment is structured and safe and promotes self-discipline. 

We believe that students possess different learning styles, and they have the right to learn in a way that ensures their success.

We believe learning should be engaging and relevant.