Summer Bridge at ALES

Summer Bridge at Anderson-Livsey Elementary School is a project-based learning experience focused on strengthening skills in reading. This exciting opportunity provided engaging lessons that were designed to help students become familiar with the expectations of the new school year. 

  • 1st Graders learned about different types of animals and what they need to survive.
  • 2nd Grade studied early Native American lifestyles, including what they ate, the types of housing they lived in, what they wore, and what different tribes there were. 
  • 3rd Grade explored habitats of the various regions in Georgia such as the Coastal Plain, Piedmont, Marsh and Swamp, Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean. 
  • 4th Grade students compared early Native American lifestyles to the way we live today.
  • 5th Grade students discovered ways to differentiate between destructive and constructive forces while completing an environmental project on storm drains. 

Posted on August 9, 2015 .